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We would like our post about rolling gate spring replacement with decryption of a situation we see every day during servicing commercial rollup steel gates in Brooklyn: A boyishness owner, or someone who try to use the rollup steel gate or rollup steel door, in Brooklyn or anywhere else in NYC. Try to open the rollup steel gate in the morning, and find that it is difficult to do so, or even impossible in some cases (Usually when the gate is too big and heavy), it is very hard to do so. He then making an effort to remember when was the last time he hired a technician to grease and lubricate the rollup steel gate, since every gate in Brooklyn need to be maintained twice a year or more, and he discovered it has been few years since someone maintained and greased the gate.
The next thing he does is to look for a contractor who offer commercial rollup gate service in Brooklyn. When he get in touch with such a contractor, and being asked what exactly is wrong with the gate, he reply that he need someone to just grease the gate, since it is difficult to open it. What he does not know is that more than half of the service requests we receive for a rollup steel gate that it is hard or impossible to open is due to a completely busted or weak spring. The way the rollup steel gates in Brooklyn operate is with a spring which is attached to the gate, and make it easy to open the gate even when there is no motor. So if it will indeed end with greasing, you can consider yourself lucky, but if you will need a new spring, you should hope you find the best garage doors and gates company in New York, as we, at Brooklyn Garage Doors & Gates like to think we are. Spring replacement can be a complicated project even for a qualified service provider, especially when it is a heavy duty commercial rolling gate, which are not rare near Brooklyn.

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Busted rollup steel gate Brooklyn

When the spring is busted, there are 2 options to deal with the issue: The recommended one is to replace the spring, and the gate will work smoothly and safely for many years. The second, which we consider only as temporary solution, will be to weld and repair the broken spring. And here might be the right moment to declare something extremely important: Just like the overhead doors in Brooklyn, or rollup door repair in Queens New York, using a rollup steel gate when the spring is broken (Or any type of problem for that matter) is extremely dangerous, and should be avoided.
You need to understand one thing which is very important: Even if it is a rollup steel gate which is operated by a motor, what makes it easy to open up the gate and close it gently, is not the operator, but the spring. When the spring snap, the motor need to replace it in opening the gate, and this is something dangerous. It can be a broken torsion commercial rollup steel gate in Brooklyn, or commercial overhead door, when the spring is broken, the gate is off tracks, or anything else that prevent the rollup steel gate from working safely, and it should not be used before it is fixed.

What to do when gate’s spring snap?

First you need to make sure that the spring is really broken, that this is the reason that prevent the door from working properly, and that indeed it is the reason the gate is stuck or it is hard to open it. In case the spring is busted, you will need to hire a local gate company in Brooklyn who specialize in commercial rollup steel gates. One of the contractors who offer same day service in Brooklyn is Brooklyn Garage Doors & Gates, which offer emergency rollup steel gates services in New York City.

Where can I buy a new gate spring?

The springs of the rollup steel gates is not something you can just go to home-depot and buy them, or just visit a local hardware store. Each rollup steel gate in Brooklyn require its own size of spring. It can be torsion spring or push up spring, the springs are created for a specific gate! The spring which will fit a rollup steel gate in Brooklyn, might not be the right spring for a rollup steel gate in Brooklyn. A qualified rollup steel gate serviceman have the ability to measure the gate in a way that will make sure that the right spring will be manufactured for the gate.
We do not sell springs for rollups! We will not be responsible for someone who decided that he can repair the spring or replace it by himself. In the event of a busted commercial rollup gate spring, we recommend you to get in touch with a local gate supplier in New York to come and do the job with the proper tools and parts.

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Can I install the new spring by DIY?

Unless you are a qualified rollup steel gate expert, you should not try and replace the busted spring by yourself. It is risky. Assuming that you were able to locate the right spring for the rollup steel gate (Nearly impossible in case you have no previous knowledge about rollup steel gates in Brooklyn and the way they operate) replacing a commercial gate spring can be dangerous. It require from the installer knowledge, parts, materials and equipment that only qualified technician possess. Trying to replace a busted spring, without the required knowledge and parts will result with a rollup steel gate which is not operable, or in the worst case, you can get hurt. Replacing a spring might also involve welding and other iron works, and this is something that anyone with a tool box can complete.

What type of spring?

When it comes to commercial rolling gates in Brooklyn, there are 2 main type of springs: A spring for a push up gate (push up to open, or roll down to close), and a torsion spring. The torsion spring is usually installed for the heavy duty gates, and for rollup steel gates which are being used multiple times every day. Whether it is a torsion spring or not, use a local gate company to the job for you.

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Do I have to replace the spring?

Yes, although the spring is busted or weak, it might still be able to open the gate using the chain system, or even using the electric operator. But, using the gate with a busted spring will eventually lead to a broken motor as well. Not to mention the risk you are taking when you are using a gate with a broken gate. The best thing you can do is to contact a gate repairman who service Brooklyn to come and fix the rollup steel gate and replace the spring (In case this is what make the problem).
Insisting on using the gate although there is something wrong with it, can end with injuries, and can lead to a gate that will be completely busted. Take care of the problem on time, to avoid a need for emergency repair service.

Brooklyn Garage Doors & Gates

Our job is to solve problems with garage doors and commercial gates near Brooklyn. We are based in Brooklyn, and we service garage gates in Brooklyn, but we are no limited just to Brooklyn. Since people heard about our reputation, and about our same day service, we are often repair rollup commercial doors and gates in New York City, in Queens New York and more. Since when someone need us, we will be there to help.
We will tell you again what we always say: Commercial rolling gates in Brooklyn is not the place for try and error. Since when something goes wrong, you are risking yourself and other people near the gate. To make it simple: Hire c local expert for the service, who will make sure that when he complete the repair, the gate will work smoothly and safely as every gate in Brooklyn should.
We offer same day service for broken garage gates, and we can provide you with spring replacement whether it is a commercial rollup gate in Brooklyn, garage door, or overhead garage gate.


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