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Garage Door Replacement Brooklyn

When you are searching for a new garage door installation, you should be looking for 2 important things: A professional garage door contractor for the installation, and a high quality garage door and parts from a leading garage doors maker. If you live in Brooklyn, and you are looking for a company that can provide you with those 2 things, you are in the right place.

Before the installation

Before the installation

After The Installation

Afetr the installation

Brooklyn Garage Doors And Gates specialize in garage door replacement. From a residential garage door installation, to a commercial garage door replacement, we can provide you with the best garage door installation service, combined with a high quality garage door and parts. We will also help you to choose the right garage door for your house or for your business, and we will make sure that you will get exactly what you expected.

New Garage Door Brooklyn, Before and after

New garage door Brooklyn, before and after

About the installation

We know that a good garage door installation will lead to a garage door that will work perfectly for years (with the proper maintenance), that is the reason why we only use the best garage doors parts in the market, designed for the American standard. The replacement job consist from 2 parts – the first is removing the old door, inspect the garage door frame to make sure that it isn’t lose or damaged, installing the new garage door, and then installing the opener (in case there is one).


Replace Garage Door Brooklyn

The new garage door

There are many things you should consider when you are thinking about replacing your garage door: From color, to design through size and materials, there are countless options when it come to new garage door. But don't worry, we are always happy to share our experience in the garage door field, and we will be happy to send one of our techs, to assist you finding the right garage door for you.
A high quality garage door that was installed by a professional tech can last for many years. We always advice our customers to spend few more dollars, and by that to get a high quality garage door, that they won’t have to deal with for many years. The difference between a garage door from the leading brands, to a basic garage door, is sometime a matter of 50-100$. And since you are not planning to replace the door every 2-3 years, do yourself a favor, and get a top quality garage door.

Brooklyn garage door installation


Fix or replace?

We are often being asked: “what is the best thing for me to do, should I repair or replace my garage door”?
There is no one answer to that question, since every project is unique. Some people insist to repair the existing garage door, no matter if the cost to repair is going to top the price of a new garage door, some insist to replace the existing garage door, although it is in a good condition, But in general, the condition of the garage door and its parts will help us make the right decision, if we should repair the existing door, or replace it with a new one. Just remember, fixing the garage door is not always the best choice! If you would like to read more, click here.

Beautiful garage door Brooklyn

Operator installation

Garage opener can make it easier to open and close the garage door, and an automated garage door, that open and close whenever we need it to, with just pressing the button of the remote control, can really improve the life quality.
There are many options when it comes to garage door operators, from belt drive openers, to chain drive openers, you have a variety of options to choose from. We won’t get into the debate which company is the best garage door operators manufactures, but we can say that just like with the garage door itself, the difference between a high quality garage door operator will last for many years (depend on the frequency of using it and the maintenance), and the difference between a high quality opener, to a basic one, can be few dollars, and we recommend that you won’t let that stop you from purchasing a high quality opener that will serve you for many years.

If you are looking for a new garage door installation, opener installation or garage door replacement in Brooklyn, contact us, and we will help you to find the right garage door for you.

Brooklyn install glass garage door

Reasons to replace garage door

There are many different reasons for replacing a garage door, whether it is a garage door in Brooklyn, or garage door installation Staten Island. Different people may have different reasons for replacing their garage door, it can be because the garage door is too old to use, and just doesn’t worth the repair, it may be due to a construction work that was performed, or modifications that have been made, and require a new garage door installation. Whatever the reason is, we can help. We have been installed and replaced many overhead doors in Brooklyn New York, and we are always ready for our next project. We work with known brands like Amarr, Clopay, Wayne-Dalton, Matalonco and others.
Here is a partial list of the common reasons to install new overhead door:

  • The garage door is old: As we explained in the case above, not every garage door can be repaired. If the door is rotten, falling apart, or any reason that prevent the door from working safely, replacing the garage door may be the right decision. Beside the new looking garage door, new overhead door in Brooklyn New York will also improve the way the door operate.
  • Broken garage door parts: If you find that you need to contact garage door technician in Brooklyn New York often, there may be a thorough problem that need to be addressed. Sometime it can be solved, and sometime the whole door need to be replaced. This happen mostly when the wrong door was installed, or if the installation wasn’t performed by a qualified installer. We are qualified for any kind of garage door installation in Brooklyn. From commercial garage door installation, to residential garage doors, we can deliver.
  • Cosmetic reasons: Many garage doors in Brooklyn are installed at the front of the house, and when they get old, and weren’t maintained on time, they affect the way your home looks from the outside. New garage door can make your home looks nicer, and change the appearance of the place where they are installed. But as we said before, beside improving the beauty of your home in Brooklyn, new overhead garage door will also work better and serve you for many more years.
  • The door is not the right door for you: Some people try to save money by choosing a hollow door, which is cheaper than the insulated doors. But when the winter arrive to Brooklyn New York, they find that they made a mistake. And if your garage is attached to the house, the mistake can be a serious one. If you are currently using a steel hollow garage door, instead of a high quality insulated garage door, you may want to consider replacing the door. There are many qualities that can be earned when installing an insulated overhead door, especially if you live in New York and would like to reduce the affect that the cold may have on homes in NYC.  If you would like to read more, there is a good article written by All Staten Island Garage Doors that explain about the different overhead garage doors in New York.
  • Safety reasons: The new doors are stronger, and make it harder for someone to break into the garage. There are many online Videos that show how easy it is to break into a garage. Sometime it can take less than 6 seconds! Don’t believe us? Click here and watch the Video that proof how easy it can be to break into a garage door.

Brooklyn new garage door

Choosing a new overhead garage door

Before you choose your new garage door, whether you need new overhead door in Brooklyn, or new garage door in the Bronx, you must keep in mind that a new garage door is something that you won’t have to do more than once every 10-50 years! Why such a big gap? Because there are few things that can affect how long you’re new garage door will last. The first thing is the quality of the new overhead door. Some garage doors are made to last 30 years or more, and some are designed to last 10 years or more. Quality matter! And quality cost money. Try to invest in high quality door, and you will save the money you would spend if you would purchase low quality garage doors.
The second thing that can affect how long your garage door will last, and how often you will need garage door repair service is the maintenance. If you will maintain and lubricate your garage door twice a year, clean the door and not ignore garage door problem, your door will last for the max amount of time. To avoid the need of using garage door repairman in Brooklyn too often, lubricate and maintain your garage door on time (Even if the door is new).
Partial list of garage door types: (To learn more visit Brooklyn Garage Doors And Gates Gallery)
Steel overhead garage door: The steel doors are the most popular doors in our days. They range from hollow steel doors to fully insulated garage doors. You can choose the design, the color, with window, with extras and more. You can contact a garage door supplier in New York for a new steel overhead door, and choose the right door for you. Just make sure that the door is from leading brand, and that it is a high quality garage door.

old and new garage doors
Aluminum Garage Door: Aluminum doors has many qualities, since the aluminum will not get rust over the years, and the fact that you can combine glass and Aluminum for the desired design. In our garage doors gallery, you can find examples of glass and aluminum garage doors.
Wooden Garage Door: When it comes to wooden overhead doors, the design options are limitless. You can choose the size, the color, the shape, the type of wood and many other parameters on your way to the next garage door. You can locate a dealer who supply custom made wooden garage doors, so you will get the perfect garage door for you. If you prefer the classic look, of heavy wooden garage door in the front of your home, wooden garage door may be the best choice for you.
Commercial Overhead Door: You may need a commercial overhead door in Brooklyn, or new roll up gate in NYC, we can help. We specialize in all kinds of commercial overhead garage doors and roiling gates, and we can make sure that you will get a high quality garage door, combined with professional installation. If you would like to see more, take a look at our garage doors and gates gallery.

Commercial garage door installation NYC

Tips for choosing a garage door

Some of the tips we will share with you here were written by a company based in Brooklyn New York. But it doesn’t mean that if you are located someplace else in the US you will not find them helpful. You may be looking for garage door in Rockland County, or garage door in NYC, the information we provide here can serve you well.

  • Where the garage installed? Is the door for your garage facing the street and located in the front of the house? This can affect the design and the material. Is it exterior or interior garage door?
  • Is the garage is attached or detached form the house? You do not want to use a hollow, non-insulated garage door for a garage which is part of the house. Trust us, you will thank us when the cold days will arrive to New York.
  • How often will you be using the door? Different volume of using garage doors require different doors and of course different garage openers. If it is a commercial overhead door in Brooklyn, from the kind which being used multiple times a day, avoid purchasing a low quality garage door opener.
  • What is the condition of the frame? Is there framing work that need to be performed before installing a new garage door? If the frame is damaged, old, rotten, or any other problem, it should be addressed before the installation.
  • Do you need a window section? Do you need a window door? We can supply you with a glass and aluminum garage doors, as you can see here.
  • Do you need a garage opener? We can provide you with a high quality operator in New York like Lift Master opener. We service all types of openers, including Wi-Fi garage opener. But when it comes to new opener installation, Liftmaster will always remain our favorite.
  • What is the structure of the garage? Some garages in New York have a structure that require certain door, or a special installation and different spring system. Some doors require special tracks like low headroom tracks, which allow the door to open and close.
  • Do you need a custom design? What color do you want? (There may be some limitation applied for some areas in New York). You may want the door to be just “a wall” in your garage, and that require certain modifications.

We hope we did not confuse you with all the information. As you can see there are many things to consider, and most people try to find the balance between a door that will be both reliable, beautiful and which will provide the security and protection which is expected form a garage in New York. You should know that if you are using a motorized one, you do not need an additional lock, since the opener itself will make the door locked. But at the same time, the installer must pay attention to the little details, since a garage which isn’t secured can be easily break in, as you can see in the following garage door videos.

nEW garage door installation
If you have any questions, we are here to assist you. After years of servicing garage doors in Brooklyn, we can provide solution to any problem, whether it is a garage door or a rolling gate.

Using a handyman for the installation

If you would join one of our garage door technician in Brooklyn for a day, you would witness how many people use a handyman, or any other unprofessional repairman to install their new garage door in Brooklyn. They assume that they will save money by purchasing the new garage door, and locate a local handyman for the installation (Like a friend or a neighbor) instead of paying a qualified garage doors installer. Most of them end with paying more than they would if they used a professional garage door installer in Brooklyn at the first place.
We get many calls from people who tried to install their new garage door by DIY, or people who used someone who isn’t qualified to deal with overhead door installation. Even if that person installed a garage door in Brooklyn once, that doesn’t make him qualified. There are many different garages in New York, and each garage need different door, and different methods of installation. And to expect a garage door in the Bronx to necessarily fit your garage in Brooklyn is ridiculous.
Installing garage doors in Brooklyn New York is what we do. We are the best. We have been successfully installed thousands of overhead doors and rolling gates in Brooklyn, and we always delivered high quality doors and installation. So if you are considering using an amateur for the installation, think again. You may find that you spent more time and money that you could use by using a professional installer.


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  • Garage door installation coupons

    Take a look at our Brooklyn garage doors coupons, and find the best coupon for you.We offer a free phone consultation to help you choose the right garage door for you.

  • About Our Garage Doors Installation in Brooklyn
    When you are looking for a good garage door company in Brooklyn, you should be looking for 3 things: You want that company to be reliable, professional and experienced in the garage doors field. We are proud to declare that we got those 3 qualities. All our technicians are professional, with years of experience, and our satisfied customers list is to long to be listed here.
  • Garage doors brands we service

    A quick search online will reveal many garage door manufactures, that offer all types of overhead doors. After we installed so many garage doors and openers in New York, we learned which the top brands are, and which are the brands that we can install and know that we supplied our customer with a high quality overhead door.
    We avoid installing the cheap overhead doors that last 3-5 years. We have decided that it is better to refuse to accept the job, than to install something that will destroy our reputation as one of the leading garage doors company in Brooklyn.  So if you are looking for quality, and for a door that will be there even after 20 years, we are the answer.
    To us it does not matter it is a garage door in NYC, or a garage door in Mount Vernon New York. We believe in high quality and the value of high quality products, whether it is a garage door opener, or a torsion spring repair.
    Part of the brands we service:

    • Lift Master Openers.
    • Genie Openers.
    • Amarr doors.
    • Clopay doors.
    • Wayne Dalton.

    This is just a partial list. We service all types and brands of garage doors in New York.