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The cold winters in Brooklyn can get tough. And to operate a commercial rolling gate which is not motorized using the chain system can turn into a nightmare when the temperatures drop. Winter months are the months we get the most emergency calls for rollup gate motor services, repairs and installations. And the reason is that using the freezing steel chain to open or close the gate, or to push up a heavy rolling gate can become impossible. Although it is better to install the motor at the same time when you install the rolling gate, many business owners in Brooklyn NY assume that it is better to install the rolling gate first, and in the future to add the electric motor. In some new rolling steel doors set ups they might be right, but it is not always like that. The installment of a motor-driven gate is different than the installation of rollup gate or rolling door which will be operated manually. And it is always better to plan ahead. So if you are thinking about make your rolling gate in Brooklyn motor-driven one, let the installer know that, so he can make the preparations and set up for you a roll up gate that can be motorized in the driven.

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Which gate motor should be used?

Each gate require different motor. No one will expect a central motor for a push gate which is being used once a day in Brooklyn, to fit a parking lot rolling gate in Brooklyn which is being used 100 times a day. Each gate require a different motor, and a qualified gate technician should be able to determine which one is the best motor for a particular gate. The size of the gate (Which affect the weight of the gate), together with the materials that the roll up door was made of (Some rollup gates in Brooklyn are made from Aluminum and they are much lighter than the solid insulated heavy duty gates). Before making your rolling door motor-driven by installing a new motor, ask yourself few questions that will help you make the right decision.

What you need to know:

  • How often the rolling gate will be used every day.
  • Are you planning to make the new rolling gate motor driven or manual?
  • What kind of rollup gate I am planning to install (Solid? Steel? Aluminum?)
  • How do you plan to open and close the rollup (Remote, key-switch etc?)
  • What the budget for the project? (Sometime it better to wait with the motor, than to install a cheap low quality rolling gate motor)

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Roll up gate motor repairs Brooklyn

Before we begin and elaborate about motor driven rolling gate repairs in Brooklyn, one thing need to be declared, since it can help you better understand rolling gates: Not every rollup motor in Brooklyn can be repaired, and even if it can be fixed, it is not always worth to repair the existing motor. In some events of rolling door motor troubleshooting replacing the unit and set up a new motor will be the best decision. People tend to assume that fixing the motor is always the cheapest option. We have news for you: repairing the existing motor is not always the cheapest option. A rollup gate motor which damaged in a way that damaged the way it operate will never be as strong as it used to be. And we had many service calls where the motor was damaged, and the customer refused to replace it and insisted on repairing it. We refused to do so, since we knew what about to happened, the motor will seize working again soon.
There are problems that can be solved by a qualified service provider, and those issues should be repaired, and replacing the motor will be a waste of money. And there are motor repairs that should even be done, since the motor will not last for long. If you need rollup door motor repair near Brooklyn, get in touch with Brooklyn Garage Doors and Gates, and we will solve the problem today.

Why the motor is not working?

Read farther and you will find the answer, but before we try to answer the question, we first like to tell you that even if it seems like the rollup motor can’t open up the gate, it does not mean that there is something wrong with the motor itself! Brooklyn Garage Doors and Gates get daily calls from businesses owners who tell us that the storefront gate motor is broken, and when our technicians arrive, they discover see that the motor is working, and what broke is actually another part of the gate.
Let’s take for example a common rolling gate problem such as off trucks rollup gate. If the gate is off trucks and jammed, the motor will not solve the problem, and the gate might not work anymore. In that case trying to make the gate work using the motor will only lead to a bigger problem, and eventually cam lead to destroy the motor as well.
Now that we explained that not every time the motor can’t lift the gate it is necessarily a problem with the operator, we can try and provide answers to the question why the gate motor stopped working. So to answer the question “why the gate motor is not working?” know that it might not even be an issue with the motor, but a problem with the rolling gate itself.

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The commercial doors Brooklyn can sometime be used 100 times every day, and sometime even more. Simple calculation, of a rollup door which is being used 100 times a day, lead us to the result of a rolling gate which is being used around 36.500 times a year! And if it is commercial heavy duty or rolling gate, it need a heavy duty motor, such as Power Master Gate motor, That will make the gate work whenever it is needed. And if it is a commercial rollup door which being used that many times, this is not the place to try and save money. The difference between high quality rollup door or rolling gate motor and low quality gate operator can be double and even more. But what you think you will save by installing the cheap rollup door operator, you will spend later when the operator will break since it wasn’t the right motor for the gate. If you own a commercial rolling gate in Brooklyn, and you need new motor, invest your money in high quality motor. You will save money since you won’t need to deal with the motor again in the near future.

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Storefront rollup gate operator Brooklyn

If you want to turn your manual operated rollup gate into a motor driven one, Brooklyn Garage Doors and Gates can help you with that. We offer solution for all types of rolling steel doors, including storefront door repairs in Brooklyn. The storefront shutters are usually being used once or twice a day: When the shop is open and when it closed. And as a business owner, you probably know that if you can’t open the store in the morning, it means a loss of time and loss of money, and that your clients or even your employees will not be able to access the store.
But storefront doors issues do not show only in the mornings. If you can’t secure the store since you are unable to close the storefront gate, it also mean losing time and money, since you will have to wait for a storefront door reprimand in Brooklyn to come and fix the storefront gate. But even in the event when the rollup gate stopped working, whether it is a motor issue, or a broken spring, we can help. With our emergency rolling gate repairs Brooklyn NYC, we can be there within an hour and help you get the rollup door working again.

Motorized rollup gate accessories

There are different motor-driven rolling gate accessories to fulfill different purposes. Some rolling gate owners want to be able to open the rollup door using a remote (Clicker), and some want to be able to open the gate using a key. Some want keyless entry, and some prefer to be able to open the rolling gate both from inside and outside. There are many solutions to different issues, and different options for different requirements. The important thing is to tell the installer what you need, and make sure you get what you expected.
If one of the accessories of a rolling gate is not working, Brooklyn Garage Doors and Gates can help. We supply and repair motorized gate accessories for motor driven commercial steel doors in Brooklyn, and we have the knowledge to provide different security solutions. No need for a new motor just because the key-switch is not opening the gate. We can repair or supply you with all motorized gates accessories.

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To be able to deal with the commercial rolling gates operators that can be found in Brooklyn, you must have the knowledge and the experience that only years of servicing and installing rolling gates in Brooklyn can teach, and only countless amount of rolling gate services can teach you. You also need to have the special tools which are required I order to deal with commercial rollup doors that can be found in Brooklyn. Brooklyn Garage Doors and Gates have teams of rollup service providers ready for your call, and ready to make your motor driven rolling door work again. With our same day service, we will repair the damaged motor, or install a new one. Depending in your needs. It can be s storefront rolling gate in Brooklyn, or commercial rolling gate repair Staten Island New York, we are ready to help.
The specialists of Brooklyn Garage Doors and Gates know one thing: They should never leave a customer before making sure the rolling gate is working properly and safely, and that you got what you expected. The commercial rolling gates need to work at all times and in any Brooklyn weather, since when a commercial motor driven opener is not responding, it means loss of time and money for the store owner. For same day rollup door motor repair in Brooklyn get in touch with us today.
We have the parts and the knowledge to deal with any commercial rolling gate in Brooklyn. And we also supply and install top quality gate operators such as Lift master and Power Master. Quality is what we aim for, and years of servicing garage doors and gates in Brooklyn New York is what made us one of the leading rollup doors and garage doors supplier in New York. If you would like to learn more, we welcome you to visit Brooklyn Garage Doors and Gates Yelp Page, and read what our clients in Brooklyn have to say about us.

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