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Brooklyn Garage Doors And Gates specialize in all kinds of gate repair and installation in Brooklyn New York. From commercial roll up gates, to a residential sliding gate, we will be there to help. We have the experience to fix almost every gate problem, or to install all kinds of gates. No matter if your rolling gate spring is broken, or your overhead door need a tune up, we can do it. All you need to do, is to contact us, and let the pro deal with the problems.

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There are endless gates models and designs. Some need to provide security, and keep the uninvited outside, and some add decoration to the entrance where they are located. Some gates need to be massive and strong, and some need to be light, and need to blend into the area. But all of them have one thing in common, they all need to be strong, and to work whenever they are needed.
The key for a good gate, start from the installation, if you will use the services of a good and reliable rolling gate contractor, and if that contractor use high quality parts, there is no reason, as long as the get is being maintained on time, why this gate won't work in a perfect way for many years to come.

After years of experience in the gates repair and installation field, we can help you find the right gate for your house or for your business. We fix and install all kinds of gates in Brooklyn NY, and we will always do our best, to add one more satisfied customer, to our long list of satisfied customers, that can testify, that when it come to gates services in Brooklyn NY, Brooklyn Garage Doors And Gates is the Answer.

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Store Front Gate Repair Brooklyn New York

Not once we get calls for emergency rolling gate repairs in Brooklyn, from customers who tell us that their gate is broken, and that they cannot open it or close it. Since they are located in Brooklyn – where we offer same day repair service for rolling gates – we arrive at their location within an hour or less. And when we arrive, we find that someone already tried to fix the broken rolling gate. In some cases, it may be a different company who fix rolling gates in New York, but sometime it is the owner, one of the people who work in the place, or even a local handyman who though that they can repair the gate by DIY, and not calling a roll up gate specialist in Brooklyn to fix the broken gate.
When you try to fix broken rolling gate in Brooklyn by DIY, it usually end with one of two results, and in some cases both:

  1. You will create a bigger damage to the roiling gate. When you choose to fix the broken roiling gate by yourself, and not to use a trained rolling gate technician who got the tools and the parts to fix every roll up gate in Brooklyn, it can easily end with a much more serious problem, and the repair can cost you more money, and will require more time than it could, if you would have contact Brooklyn Garage Doors And Gates on time.

The explanation is usually very simple: Since you are used to a rolling gate operator that open and close the gate, you keep trying to open your rolling gate in Brooklyn with the electric opener, and you are surprised when the opener cannot lift the gate. But what you don’t know, is that excessive use of the operator, and for that matter it can be a rolling gate motor or a garage door opener in Brooklyn, and when the problem is with the gate itself, you can try to open the gate with the electric operator, but the gate won’t work.
And now that you also burned the opener, you will need someone who fix broken rolling gates in Brooklyn, and who also install and replace rolling gate operator as well.


2. You can hurt yourself and get injured. The second thing that can happen when an unexperienced handyman decide to try and fix the broken rolling gate, and it can be a roll up door repair in NYC, or overhead door gate in Williamsburg Brooklyn, and when you do not fully understand the way rolling gates in Brooklyn operates, or if you do not have the tools for the job, or lack of knowledge, you can easily do something you shouldn’t, and the gate can collapse and hurt you.

If you would like to learn how dangerous a rolling gate in Brooklyn can be, you can visit this article about a boy who got injured by a rolling gate in Brooklyn New York.
The best for you to do will be to call us, and to let us to what we do best, which is to repair steel gates in Brooklyn New York. And with our same day service, you do not have to worry, since we will fix your steel gate today.

Steel Gate Maintenance Brooklyn New York

We can say it over and over again, and it will never be enough, so we will write it here: If you would like your rolling gate or roll up gate in Brooklyn New York to keep moving like it does, maintain the gate on time, and make sure it will continue to serve you. You will amazed from how much difference some grease and small tuning can make. Do not wait until it will be too late, and you will need roll up gate repairs in Brooklyn. Make sure you use a professional rolling gate company to maintain your roll up gate, and to inspect it.
Is it too late for the maintenance?
If you are experiencing hard time to open or closing your rolling gate in Brooklyn, you may need more than just basic greasing. The rolling gate maintenance is something that you do when the gate is working fine, and just need some small tuning, but if there are broken parts, like a broken spring or if your gate is out of the tracks, or if the operator is damaged, greasing the steel gate will not make a difference. You will need a roll up gate specialist to fix the gate, and only once the repair was completed, he will be able to grease the gate for you.
If you are asking yourself “who can fix rolling gates in Brooklyn”? You do not need to wonder anymore. Brooklyn Garage Doors And Gates provide all kinds of rolling gates and roll up doors repairs and installation in Brooklyn New York. Although we are located in Brooklyn, we service all 5 Boroughs of New York, and if you need garage door repair in the Bronx, or a roll up door repair in Manhattan New York, we can help. Rolling gates repairs in New York is what we specialize in, and we are always ready to provide our service.


Emergency roll up gate repair Brooklyn NY

If you need an emergency repair for your broken rolling gate, and you are wondering who offer emergency rolling gate repair in Brooklyn?, we can help. Since there is no “right” time for a rolling gate to stop working, and since there isn’t one common problem that prevent gates from working properly, we are always ready to help. Not once in the past we provided repairs for roll up gates and garage door repairs in Westchester County New York, because when someone need our help, we will never say no. We believe in high quality service, and we believe that when you provide good service, people know how to appreciate it. Just take a look on our Yelp reviews about garage door repairs in Brooklyn, to understand how much appreciation we get from our customers in Brooklyn, who trust us to fix their roll up gate on time, to charge a fair amount, and to do a professional repair.

New Rolling Gate Installation in Brooklyn New York

As a company that offer all kinds of overhead doors and rolling gates services in Brooklyn, we also offer new roll up gate installation service in NYC. When you are looking for a new store front gate in Bay Ridge, or for a commercial roll door repair in NYC, there are few things you should know.

The new gate in Brooklyn

The first thing is that quality matter. And if you paid a small amount for the cheapest gate, you will probably end with paying more than double with time. When you are using a cheap rolling gate installer in Brooklyn, you are risking in getting a gate that will last 2-5 years, and may need repairs in the next winter. But if you are using the best roll up gate supplier in Brooklyn, you will get a roll gate that can last for 30 years and more, and besides greasing every 6 months, will not require any service even during the toughest months of the winter in Brooklyn New York.

The new gate installation in Brooklyn

The second thing you should pay attention to is the new rolling gate installation. It can be a rolling gate in Sheepshead Bay, or a new overhead door in the Bronx, but there is another thing that you shouldn’t look for the cheapest (Assuming you want quality) and that’s the installer. Look for a professional installer, who have experience in installing new rolling gates in Brooklyn, and who can deal with different types of gates installation. As we always like to say, there are many different store fronts in Brooklyn, and there are no 2 identical installing for rolling gates in Brooklyn. And to get the best possible installation for your new rolling gate in Brooklyn, aim for the best.
We do not offer the cheapest prices in Brooklyn. But what we do offer is high quality service and professional technicians. There are many handymen in Brooklyn who claim they can fix rolling gates and install new rolling gates, but the truth is that there is no replacement for being a pro. If you need a new roll up gate installation in Brooklyn, use the services of a rolling gate specialist, who will be able to deal with the difficulties that a rolling gate installer in Brooklyn need to face.

Roll up gate srping repair Brooklyn

A short story about a roll up gate reinstallation I Brooklyn New York
Once we were asked by a customer to remove a rolling gate from one of his locations in Borough Park, and to install the old rolling gate in Williamsburg New York. After we examined the job, we told him that reinstalling the same gate will be a mistake, since it will cost more money than to remove it and install a brand new rolling gate, just like we did many times with many store front gates service in Brooklyn.
That customer told us that we try to steal his money, and said he prefer to go with someone else, who also offer rolling gate installation in Brooklyn. We thanked him for giving us a chance and wished him good luck. After two weeks he called our office, apologized and asked us to come again. When we asked what happened, he said come and see by yourself. It turned out that the other person who said that he can do the job, was no more than a general contractor, who had zero experience in dealing with roiling gates in Brooklyn New York, and when he tried to install the old gate in the new location, he found that it is not as easy as it seemed.
The conclusion from that story (And from many other stories we will share in the future)? Listen to the professionals, and to the people that fixing roll up gates in Brooklyn is what they do, and who can say that after so many years in the field, there is no rolling gate, roll up door, or any other kind of steel gate in Brooklyn that can surprise them.



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    If you have a problem with your gate, it doesn't mean that it is time to get a new gate. a good gate technician can solve almost any gate problem. Every gate in Brooklyn needs a maintenance service, Due to the weather conditions, In order to avoid problems with your gate, we recommend a gate maintenance service every 6 months.
    All out gate technicians are licensed and experienced in gates repair and installation service in Brooklyn, and will be happy to give from their knowledge, helping you with any gate service you need.

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