Safety Sensor

Garage Door Safety Sensors

A federal law require every motorized garage door to include a safety feature, which will protect and prevent the moving garage door from hurting someone or something which is located at the garage door’s path. If you own an automated garage door, make sure that it is equipped with safety feature such as the garage door safety sensors.

The safety sensors

The safety sensors are installed on each side of the garage door, next or on the tracks, and no higher than 6 inches from the floor (to protect pets or small objects). The safety sensors should be installed facing each other, and if something will interrupt the invisible laser beam which run between the two sensors, the closing door will stop it movement and reverse to open position, and by that protect and avoid hurting the object which interrupt with the laser beam.

Safety sensors installation

As we mentioned earlier, every automated garage door must include a safety feature. Under no circumstances, you should disable or remove the safety sensors, unless if it is for repair or replacement. Make sure that the safety sensors are installed correctly, and that the wiring is not damaged and well connected. If you fail to perform a correct installation, you will not be able to close the garage door using the garage door motor, and you won’t be able to use the door automatically.

Safety sensors troubleshooting

As we mentioned earlier, every automated garage door, whether it is a garage door in Brooklyn or a garage door in Washington DC, should include a reversing safety feature. When something interrupting the invisible laser beam between the sensors, the motor will partly close the door, and during the movement will reverse itself to open position, followed by flickering light which signaling you that something is wrong.
If you own a motorized garage door in Brooklyn, and you are unable to close the garage door using the motor, it may be due to many reasons, and one of them is the garage door sensors. If this is the case, and the reason for the problem is the safety sensors, you should be able to close the garage door by holding the pushbutton pressed till the door close.
You should check the sensors to make sure that no one accidently moved one of them, so they are not facing each other anymore, or if there is some dirt or dust on the sensors, which block the beam, or if the wire is disconnected or cut, or even a water damage which damaged the sensors and prevent them from fulfilling their job.

Safety Sensor BK

Safety sensors repair Brooklyn

In general, repairing or replacing a damaged safety sensor is not a complicated project, and could be performed by every trained garage door technician. If you are located in Brooklyn, and you are not sure what the problem is, and if indeed the problem is a safety sensor problem, contact us, and we will fix you safety sensors today.



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